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Lebang Dance

After the Garia festival is over, the Tripuri have a time to rest awaiting the monsoon. During this period, folks of charming colorful insects called ‘Lebang’ use to visit hill slopes in search of seeds sewn on it. The annual visit of the insects renders the tribal youths to indulge in merry-making.

Performance— While the men-folk make an unusual rhythmic sound with the help of two bamboo chips in their hand, the women folk run tottering the hill slopes to catch hold of these insects called ‘Lebang’. The unusual rhythm made by the bamboo chips attracts the insects from their hiding places and the women in-groups catch them. Tripuri women generally put on original ornaments like chain made of silver with coin, Bangle made of silver, ear and nose rings made of bronze. They sometime prefer flower as ornaments.

 lebang  lebang


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