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Kothaamoori is the village dance-drama performed by the Malayar and the Paanar of North Malabar in North Kerala. This art form might have evolved from the imagination of a group of agrarian people who were immersed in agriculture and cattle rearing. It is a folk art form closely related to the concept of fertility worship.

Performance—the characters performing in Kothaamoori dance are Godaavarippasu, paaniyar, a drummer and gurukkal. Children dress themselves as Godaavarippasu. They wear the mask of the cow. The face of the Godaavarippasu is red in color. The paaniyar who are two in number wear the spathe of the arecanut palm on their faces. Eyes and nose are drawn on the spathe.

kothaamooriyaattam kothaamooriyaattam
 kothaamooriyaattam  kothaamooriyaattam


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