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Kolkali Dance

The Kolkali dance literally translates as stick dance. The word ‘Kol’ refers to a stick and because the dance is performed with sticks, it is called Kolkali. Kolkali dance is the most widely known and popular folk dance of Lakshadweep.

Performance— the performers comprise only of men. The women are not allowed to perform and practice this dance form. Kolkali is danced in pairs and the pairs move in circles to the rhythmic beat of sticks. The performers hold these special sticks in their hand and use them as props while dancing. The dance begins with a slow pace but slowly as the time passes the rhythm becomes fast and ultimately reaches to the height of frenzy. With the accompanied folk songs the dancers dance in a variety of alignment in due course.

 kolkali dance  kolkali dance
 kolkali dance


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