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Hozagiri Dance

Hojagiri dance is one of the famous dances of Tripura. The dance is performed on the occasion of HOJAGIRI Festivals or Laxmi Puja, held in the following full moon night of Durga Puja. Generally after 3rd day of Dashera. The Goddess Mailuma, (Laxmi) is worshipped with full reverence and devotion on this day.

Performance— the dance is performed by only women, of about 4 to 6 member in a team. The Riang clan of Tripuri people performs this dance and they are very expert. The male members participate in singing the lyric, playing the Kham, Sumui. The women also form the team of chorus, in the singing group. The lyric are very simple but dance is unparallel with the lyric of Hojagiri dance.

 hojagiri  hojagiri


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