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Dandia Ras Dance

The most popular Dandia-Ras is also known as the `stick` dance. A form of dance that is also a feature of most welcomed festival, Navaratri. The word Ras in `Dandia-Ras` signifies Ras dance, which is, considered a form of Ras Leela. Ras Leela, which was an inseparable part of Lord Krishna`s childhood action he used to perform at Gokul and Vrindavan.

Performance— The Ras or Dandia –Ras is simple and is generally performed by a group of youthful people who move in typical style in measured steps around a circle, accompanied by a singing chorus and a host of musical instruments like the Dholl, cymbals, zanz, Shehnai (flute).

 Dandia Ras dance  Dandia Ras dance
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