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Jharkhand folk dance

Jharkhand dance forms are a medium of expressing one’s feelings, some story or any other event. Most of these folk dances in Jharkhand are performed by the local tribes .The performance of folk dance in Jharkhand does not await the arrival of any particular festival; most

Lakshadweep folk dance

Lakshadweep Dance as any other art form of this union territory resembles that of Kerala due to its historical past. The young men of Lakshadweep are known to perform some spirited folk dances that contribute to the fabric of Lakshadweep culture as a whole. Some of

Rajasthan folk dance

The traditional dances of Rajasthan are absolutely colorful and lively and have their own significance and importance. In Rajasthan, folk dances are the highlights of any celebration and festivity. The simple yet expressive dances of Rajasthan are enjoyed by one and all. Some of the

Chhattisgarh folk dance

Chhattisgarh is an undiscovered paradise, offering a tourist destination with a difference. Known for its exceptional scenic beauty and unique and rich cultural heritage, Chhattisgarh has always been synonymous with tribes and tribal culture.  The tribes of Chhattisgarh region are also known for their passion

Tripura folk dance

Due to its multi-cultural and multi-lingual communities in Tripura, there are various festivals celebrated in the state. Garia and Gajan festival is celebrated in the month of April. Rabindra/ Nazrul Jayanti are celebrated in the month of May. Manasa Mangal is also celebrated in the

Arunachal pradesh folk dance

Dances form a vital element in the zest and joy of living of the tribal’s. They dance on important rituals, during festivals and also for recreation occasionally. They vary from highly stylized religious dance dramas of the Buddhists to the martial steps and colorful performances

Kerala folk dance

Kerala is enriched with many Cultured and folk dances; they have different dances for every occasion to express their joy. They have some heart stolen dances with beautiful eye movement and hand movements. Kerala have some premium Dances which only costume is the identity of

Bihar folk dance

Over thousands of years various traditional dance forms have evolved in Bihar. The folk dance tradition in Bihar can be divided into three groups. (i) The dance performed during poetry performance. (ii) The dance performed by the tribal people who are closer to mother earth

Haryana folk dance

Haryana is a state that lives a life of vibrant and joy. They are very hard working people and have an influence of Punjab and Rajasthan. The zest for life present in the natives of Haryana is channeled into various dance and music forms. The

Mizoram folk dance

Dances of Mizoram reflect the cultural vibrancy of the place. Deriving inspiration from the natural beauty of the hilly terrains, the dances of Mizoram are synonymous to the multi-cultural aura of Mizoram some dances of Mizoram are (Khuallam, Cheraw, Sarlamkai, Chawnglaizawn, Tlanglam, Zangtalam, etc.) Khuallam Dance