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Kerala folk dance

Kerala boasts of centuries of tradition and cultural heritage.  Many dance forms of Kerala are among the most graceful and beautiful in the world. These dance forms are reflections of the diverse religious and cultural traditions of Kerala. The dance forms of Kerala can be divided into roughly three types – folk dances, dance dramas and semi-classical dances. Some of the dances of Kerala are (Kathakali, Thullal, Theyyam, koodiyattam, duffmuttu, Oppana, Kaikottikali, Maargamkali, thitambu, etc.)

kathakali Kathakali Dance

thullal Thullal Dance

theyyam Theyyam Dance

koodyattam Kothaamooriyattam

duffmuttu] Duffmuttu Dance

oppana Oppana Dance

koikottikali Koi Kottikali Dance

margamkali Margamkali Dance



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